Color Swatches

Floral sheeting offers infinite decorating possibilities. It is available in many colors including metallic options, which will add sparkle and shine to any display. Create your own specialty Floral Sheeting by combining two petals and a backer to customize the look you want to achieve.

Select a color swatch below for an enlarged view.
Standard Vinyl
Standard Vinyl: Grass Green
Grass Green
Standard Vinyl: Dark Green
Dark Green
Standard Vinyl: Light Green
Light Green
Standard Vinyl: Maroon
Standard Vinyl: Red
Standard Vinyl: Orange
Standard Vinyl: Yellow
Standard Vinyl: Spanish Gold
Spanish Gold
Standard Vinyl: White
Standard Vinyl: Light Blue
Light Blue
Standard Vinyl: Medium Blue
Medium Blue
Standard Vinyl: Dark Blue
Dark Blue
Standard Vinyl: Purple
Standard Vinyl: Cerise
Standard Vinyl: Sand
Standard Vinyl: Brown
Standard Vinyl: Black
Metallic Vinyl
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver
Standard Vinyl: Metallic Green
Metallic Green
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Turquoise
Metallic Turquoise
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Orange
Metallic Orange
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Copper
Metallic Copper
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Blue
Metallic Blue
Standard Vinyl: Metallic Purple
Metallic Purple
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Cerise
Metallic Cerise
Metallic Vinyl: Metallic Red
Metallic Red
Custom and Specialty Vinyl
Custom Vinyl: Holographic
Custom Vinyl: 2 Color Standard
2 Color Standard
Custom Vinyl: 2 Color Metallic
2 Color Metallic
Custom Vinyl: Iridescent
Custom Vinyl: Iridescent Snow
Iridescent Snow
Custom Vinyl: Snow On White
Snow On White
Custom Vinyl: Candy Cane
Candy Cane
Custom Vinyl: Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes
Custom Vinyl: Stars
Custom Vinyl: Marti Gras
Marti Gras